Alana M. Anton (Berry), ABD

Like so many sociologists before me, I came to curiosity and wonder in the Intro to Sociology course I took as a requirement at Shorter College in 2000. I was wide-eyed and frustrated that so much information about the world and society was never part of my education until then. I continue to seek the hidden history of our world, whose history we are taught, and how can we create a more just world.

I feel a moral obligation to do the work both within myself and in the world around me to create a more just society. This is the foundation of my research, my teaching, my parenting, and my volunteerism.

I have a BS in sociology from the University of West Georgia (Go Wolves!) where I also received my MA. My focus was primarily on the sociology of religion and its political history. I am currently ABD at Georgia State University and enrolled at Appalachian State working on an Appalachian Studies certificate program.

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My current research focuses on identity in the Appalachian region. As a GA girl raised in the Piedmont, I feel a strong connection to the land and people, my people, of the mountains. As a queer woman with unseen mental health disabilities seeking community here in the mountains of SC, I wish to shine a light on the forgotten populations that are, in our own way, thriving.

My work won the Carl A. Ross award for outstanding graduate student paper from the Appalachian Studies Association in 2018.

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